• Links with existing email server
  • Store and send incoming and outgoing SMS, email or fax
  • Automatically store communications to the client file
  • Set rules to ensure customers are responded to within company service levels

Centralised communication hub

Automatically record all outgoing and incoming emails, text messages and faxes in a single location by matching against their unique reference, phone number or email address. 

Keep it personal with built-in mail merge 

Personalised communication shows that you care about your customers and can increase your sales by up to 40 percent. Sometimes, document automation doesn’t go far enough so we have created templated responses to email queries that can be customised further to add a real personal touch with minimal effort. 

Generate Word and PDF documents and letters
Send personalised SMS messages
Save time by producing template emails
Send customer faxes straight from the CRM system 

Pre-populated customer forms 

Help your customers save time and effort by pre-populating the online forms they need to complete with their existing data. This reduces the amount of form filling they need to do and results in a more accurate communication from them. 

Save time and money on sending letters

Posting letters takes time and incurs labour and postage costs. You have to print the letter, find an envelope, frank it and make sure it gets to the post office. We’ve designed a system that makes sending letters simple. Select the letter you want, press send and the system takes care of the complete posting process. Your letter will be printed at a local distribution centre, put in an envelope and delivered to your customer.

What’s more, because it’s a local distribution centre, you help reduce the impact on the environment as well as saving money! Also, at a price of less than 40p a letter (based on the current price list), that’s a saving of over £1,000 per year for a typical office sending 100 letters a month. 

Remote printing from the web

With IntelliO, printing is very easy. You can select to print documents individually, or select to print a pack of documents. Document packs use the business rules engine to select just the right documents for each customer. You can select to print remotely from the web, just as easily as printing from your local machine.

Print packs of documents
Print remotely from outside the office
Automatically print documents from the workflow 

A complete customer history in one view 

Our journal shows you every email, document, note, fax or text message sent and received, so that you have a complete history of a customer, even if you’ve never spoken to them before.

Records incoming email, SMS and fax messages
Complete history of all customer communications
See at a glance who said what and when 

Communication Is Key

Communication is the most important part of customer relationship management. IntelliO provides a massive selection of tools to ensure you nurture your leads and keep in contact with customers.