• Custom fields and forms
  • Change any screen
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Automatic validation

Really customisable crm software

A truly configurable system offers more than just the ability to add custom fields. IntelliO offers a level of customisation that is unparalleled. The system can be setup to only show users the information required to complete that task, saving time for the end customer and reducing training costs.

CRM software that works in any currency or language

We are living in a global age so whether you’re selling to customers abroad or expanding beyond the UK, we have developed a system that enables you to grow.

Create quotes and invoices in any currency
Automated currency exchange rate conversation
Display for system in any language*
Accessible from any location 24/7

*Additional language packs are available upon request, Contact us for more information.


IntelliO can be integrated with external systems to further enhance its functionality.

Generate quotes directly from popular platforms
Create a feedback loop for marketing campaigns
Integrate with powerful marketing tools such as Mail Chimp
Send post directly from the system by connecting to postal services

All the benefits of open source without the hassle

We give you all of the tools to create and amend your own system. Everything can be modified from the customer information, right down to a user. All this is possible without the need for developers and consultants with the added advantage of having a solution that’s backed up and supported by a well-established company you can rely on.

Add your own tables, fields, views and calculated fields
Use C# and JavaScript to provide further customisation
Integrate with other third parties
SQL query and report builder 

Unlimited postcode lookups

It may only save a few seconds, but with our postcode look up facility you have the ability to pick from one of 28,000,000 homes and businesses to ensure your data is always accurate.

Minimise mistakes and ensure addresses are typed correctly
Save time and money. At a minute per address you could save a month’s salary with every 10,000 searches
Improve your customer experience and appear more professional by asking customers for just their postcode and house number
Unlimited searches, we don’t charge per search 

Give your Business A Custom System

IntelliO will provide you with a system you can call your own.