Core features that make intelliO a powerful, fast and user-friendly platform.

Sales & Marketing

Attract more sales with minimal effort.

Monitor advertising campaigns, manage contacts and leads, track sales, qualify customers, produce quotes and invoices and manage on-going customer communications with our powerful customer relationship management features. 

Shared Diary &
To Do Lists

CRM with task lists and appointments.

Manage your to do list using tasks, so you know what activities are completed and which activities need to be worked on to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Protect Your Data

Your data available 24/7 from anywhere.

IntelliO helps you protect your data by centralising your information in a secure database. Intruder detection, firewalls, encrypted fields, audit trails and field level permissions all ensure your data is kept secure.

  • Customisation

    Create input screens, views, documents, reports, invoices, customer & employee journeys tailored exactly how you want. There is no limit to what can be customised with IntelliO so you can ensure the software works the way you do.

  • Process Management, Workflow

    Do your employees understand exactly what to do and when they need to? Create user journeys that ensure every task is completed on time, every time.

    Design your process with our workflow tool and your employees will simply follow it, without fail.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Growing businesses need to know more about what is happening. Our powerful reporting suite allows you to measure everything from employee work rate to number of website visitors that turned in to customers.

    Analytics allows you to stay on top of your most important KPI's, set up alerts sent by SMS or email when key milestones are achieved or not. Insight that means you are always in total control of your business.

  • Centralised Communications 

    A central directory for all customers, emails, letters and mobile communications

    View a complete history of everything that has happened to a customer. Each activity is date and user stamped so you can see at a glance who did what, when. Emails, SMS, faxes and documents are automatically fed into this. When a client emails you it will automatically appear in their journal as well as in your Inbox. 

  • Document Management 

    All of your documents stored securely in the cloud

    Our built-in document management system allows you to quickly upload documents and related files. Users across an entire organisation can quickly view price lists, company manuals, procedures etc.