• Task lists ensure nothing is missed
  • Measure user performance
  • Assists with ISO/Quality Assurance
  • Automate manual processes

What is a workflow? 

A workflow enables you to map out how a business process should flow. A business process could be anything your organisation does, from signing up a new customer, to ordering stationary. All business processes follow a number of logical steps and decision branches. Our CRM system enables you to visualise and draw these decision pathways and automate the implementation of your business process this is sometimes called business process management or BPM software. 

Free up more time with intelliO workflow automation

One of the more powerful features of our workflow system, is that it links to our communications module, enabling you to send automated messages to customers.

Send personalised emails, text messages, letters and faxes
Setup communication processes e.g. try and send the customer an email, if that fails, then send a letter instead
Save time by getting customers to contact you e.g. send three email reminders and if there is no reply schedule a call.
Orchestrate information exchange between disparate systems. 

Task management

The system shows each user a list of the tasks they need to complete.

Assign users to different roles within the organisation
Pass tasks between users
Record how efficiently tasks are processed
Color-coded tasks show when they are overdue
Automatic email / SMS reminders are sent to users when tasks are assigned, or become overdue
Task information gives users further information about what they need to do in order to complete a task 

Continuous process improvement 

Through effective monitoring, you can improve workflow performance, by discovering and analysing process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Using our tools you can:

Build a process using Microsoft Visio tools
Import the process and IntelliO automatically builds the workflow for you and deploys it to the system
Compare two processes to see which version is the most efficient or has the best customer response 

Let Workflow Drive Your Business

The IntelliO workflow engine can automate your processes, focus your workforce and bring efficiencies.