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A passion for delivering above expectations

At IntelliO, we have a drive to build not only the best software from a technical perspective, but also software that will make a tangible difference to our client's business.

We have 20+ years experience developing varying types of software for businesses, predominantly in the financial services industry and it truly is our passion.

Our Core Beliefs

With thorough requirement gathering and analysis of the goal and problem, the perfect solution can be designed and developed. Every member of our team is trained in industry standard methodologies and practices for gathering requirements and establishing areas of improvement within a business and its' processes.

Each piece of work we do is planned and properly project managed using Agile principles. Structured project and work item management enables us to stay focused and on track for deadlines, often resulting in us undercutting cost and time estimates!

We believe that the vast majority of misunderstandings, can be prevented by communicating better or by being more transparent. Throughout a project, there will be regular communication with our clients to ensure they are kept in the loop on progress and to make sure what we're building is to their expectations. If we are aware of anything which may affect the delivery of a solution, either negatively or positively, this will ALWAYS be communicated.

To ensure our solutions are robust, we will always run through various scenarios and do the extra thinking to plan and build for the unexpected. Doing this ensures that our systems won't let you down.

Every piece of work we undertake has pride and passion behind it. We won't do things half-heartedly and we will work tirelessly to get it right. We do this not only for our client's, but for ourselves.

The world is ever changing and so are businesses. Therefore, any piece of work we deliver will have continued support as well as a post-implementation review. This ensures we can iron out any unforeseen issues and keep your business functioning at 100%!

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