22.03.2022 - 5 minute read

Five Ways SMEs Can Improve Their Client Retention

Customer retention is key to building your brand and growing your business, but many companies overlook it in favour of focusing on new clients.

For businesses that want to enjoy long-term success, repeat customers are key. They provide you with regular orders and are easier to support because you already know what they need. If you want to learn more about how you can improve your business’ client retention, read on.

Seek Customer Feedback

Clients are the best people to tell you exactly what they want from your service offering, so reach out to them to find out what more you could be doing to give them the support they want. Customer feedback is particularly important for SMEs, who often need to make sure they keep important clients in order to maintain their growth. After every order communicate with your client to find out if there was anything you could’ve improved and what they particularly enjoyed about working with you.

Build Relationships

Keeping your clients happy revolves around giving them exceptional service, and this is easier to provide if you have a relationship with them. Give each client a dedicated point of contact who can work with them from onboarding through to the conclusion of each order, meaning that they can build a rapport with the client and offer them a personalised service they cannot find elsewhere.

Use A CRM System

Clients that don’t receive a consistently high-quality service will look elsewhere, so it’s important that you and your team streamline your processes and are able to offer clients a connected service that will exceed their expectations. CRM systems such as Intellio can help you to save time and ensure that you never miss any aspect of a client’s order.

Reward Loyalty From Your Customers

Most organisations offer deals to new clients to tempt them to start working with them, but they often forget the importance of their existing clientele. It’s important that you keep your loyal customers coming back for more, so consider offering them some form of benefit for staying with your company. This could be a small deal, such as money off future orders, or a loyalty scheme that will give them benefits for as long as they continue to do business with you.

Make Customers Feel Like A Part Of Your Organisation

Regular clients are as much a part of your business as your staff, so it’s important that you treat them as such. You should sign every client up to your business’s newsletter and keep them updated with the latest developments in your company, so they feel included. You should also take the time to give them personal communication at specific times, such as national holidays, when you’ve completed a big order or when you know something significant is happening to their business. This will make your clients see the value in working with your firm and feel disinclined to look elsewhere.

Client retention revolves around providing an exceptional service that customers can’t find elsewhere. Follow these tips to improve your client retention and satisfaction so that you can grow your organisation.

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