Business Process Management (BPM)

A full overview and why it is so important

What is Business Process Management?

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Business processes are established in a number of ways, through trial and error, compliance and regulatory requirements, processes established at the inception of the business and so on. Managing such processes is a challenge every business faces however being able to determine which processes are efficient through measurement should never be ignored, along with a desire to constantly refine and improve such processes wherever possible. This is where Business Process Management can help.

BPM at Work

As a discipline used by organisations, taking a step back and looking at every process from start to finish allows BPM to be executed. Analysing the current processes as they are allows identification of areas that can be improved to enable and create a more efficient business.

Business Process Management (BPM) is a methodology for a company to create, edit, analyse and optimise the processes that make up the core of the business.

Each department in a business is responsible for taking raw data or material and turning it in to something different, each entity may handle several or more processes.

Isn't BPM just workflow or project management?

BPM is very different to just workflow or project management, whilst BPM does convert workflow diagrams in to BPMN (Business Process Management Notation), workflows alone focus on individual tasks, not process management. Project management handles unpredictable events or one time actions, BPM looks to automate ongoing, repetitive processes wherever possible and provide actions for users to do if a process can't be automated. 

Why is BPM so important? Why does it matter?

Businesses that don't adopt a methodology for refining existing or implementing new processes often end up with chaotic departments not understanding what needs to be done, ad-hoc processes being established without any control and a lack of understanding of resource levels required to facilitate an end to end journey. 

A BPM software suite/technology suite such as intelliO will allow the requirements of a BPM review to be fully delivered in the product to aid efficiency. Processes can be fully measured in detail and reporting provided to understand the end to end business much better.

Data provided from the BPM implementation will establish bottlenecks and inefficiencies of the process and potential solutions to streamline. People involved in the process can visually see what needs to be done and where issues lie, aiding a more efficient way of working throughout departments.

Unmanaged and chaotic processes can affect business performance, leading to many scenarios such as:

Wasted Time

Increase in Errors

Blame Culture

Lack of Data

Dissatisfied Staff

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