Features to make light work of work 

Control and improve the customer journey to provide better customer outcomes  

intelliO Features
Process Management
Build a better end to end process with BPM

Business Process Management is promoted by ISO 9000 and streamlines business processing by automating workflows.

Define your processes and ensure every task is completed on time without fail.

Sales Team Automation
Gain more time to concentrate on customers

Automate day to day sales, marketing and customer support tasks to create more sales and provide first class after sales customer support which customers will love.

Don't let business growth outgrow control

As a business grows, there are more elements that need to be monitored and controlled. Ensure key KPI's alert decision makers when achieved or not and track day to day activities at the click of a button.

Journey Composition
Personalise customer journeys

Create and identify personalised customer journeys monitored through reporting to make data driven decisions. Automate journeys that involve third party apps.


Your CRM should be bespoke to your business, otherwise what makes you different?

Tailor each element of intelliO to fit exactly to the requirement, down to field and user level.

Performance Management

Improve departmental productivity by measuring each department's output based on a variety of factors.

Use this information to make better decisions for rewarding staff and driving more customers to high performers.

Document Management

Automate creation of documents with pre-filled information from intelliO. 

Information packs can be created, printed and posted at the click of a button.

Case Management

Control and monitor customer complaints or cases with tailored journeys and reporting to ensure issues are dealt with promply.

Use reporting to carry out root cause analysis and implement measures to reduce complaint numbers.

Customer Service

Provide first class customer service with tools to ensure each customer is given outstanding service by any member of staff, throughout each part of the customer journey.

Marketing Automation

Ensure marketing and sales are working together by generating and converting new leads from a variety of sources. Integrate with Google to automate buying campaigns.

Business rule engine

Create complex rules based on data insights or events occuring to give you the edge over competitors.

If you can think of a scenario for an event to occur if something along the journey happens, this can be achieved with business rules.


intelliO boasts a raft of tools to ensure your business is fully protected.

From internal user roles to external IP restrictions, whatever the risk, intelliO has it covered.

Developer Platform

intelliO can be fully configured from within the platform without the need to recompile code. This allows your developers to configure rapidly and at a much lower cost in compaison to other CRM's.

Employee Onboarding

Ensure each new employee is onboarded in a consistent way with tailored journeys and automated document creation.

Capture and record against the employee any required documents and create auto alerts for key events to occur for each employee.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with auto alerts for key events as they happen. Ensure risk is identified and controlled throughout the journey with controls to halt event occurence if compliant measures haven't been achieved.

Intelligent Workload Distribution

Control volume through automatic distribution of work to people who have less pipeline to ensure not to overload staff.

Measure and feedback workload quantity through customised reports for team managers to use in one to one meetings.


Integrate with 3rd party tools to create a seamless customer experience.

Reduce timescales to complete key tasks by having everything in one place.

Custom Themes

Create custome themes for portals to enhance the user experience.

Tailor the look and feel dependent on your brand identity.

3rd Party Collaboration

Give 3rd parties access to limited areas of intelliO to allow self service of key tasks or retrieval of required information.

Save time providing updates by allowing your partners to log in and access dedicated areas for information.

Remote Worker

Do you have employees that require information to be captured and stored in remote locations? 

IntelliO works on any device, therefore if you have an internet connection, remote workers can carry out key tasks from anywhere.

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