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Using our industry leading technology, Lawyers can spend more time adding value and less time on administration.


Case Plans

Configurable Case Plans

intelliO is more than just workflow, it's BPM (Business Process Management).

This means creating intelligent workflows that fully automate processes where possible is achievable to ensure your employees find the most productive and profitable way of working.

Time Tracking

Time & Budget Tracking

Time and budget tracking is an out of the box feature of intelliO, enabling firms to understand the time and cost constraints associated to individual tasks and services as a whole. This can be automated or a manual process.

Caseload Management

Caseload Management

Ensure employees aren't overloaded and work is balanced through intelligent caseload management. intelliO can identify which employees have too many tasks and those that are up to date to evenly balance out new cases as they arrive. This can be achieve per department to fully utilise all resource available.

First Class Compliance & Document Accuracy

Structured Document Creation

The creation of documents can follow any structure necessary, including review, approval, fact finding and drafting which can be delegated to individuals and teams for completion.

The workflow can include as many approvals as needed to accept or reject changes to ensure the accuracy of all documentation.

Detailed Journal Entries

Every action is recorded, every call, email sent and received, SMS sent and received, case entry, data change and more. 

Your compliance has never been so thorough and accurate.

Document Creation Made Easy

Integrations with UK Mail mean creating, printing and posting any documents that need to be in hard copy can be carried out at the click of a button.

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