Create Outstanding Processes 

Business Process Management ensures implementation of standardised processes throughout a business.

No matter how many different processes exist in the business, you can ensure each journey is followed and executed correctly without fail.

Business Process Management (BPM)

The purpose of Business Process Management (BPM) is to simplify processes involved in completing business objectives. BPM is a way businesses can align their processes with their goals in order to improve productivity and overall efficiency. 

BPM is normally implemented and controlled using technology, intelliO uses a Microsoft Visio plug in in order to allow complex processes to be designed and imported to create workflows and tasks for users to follow. 

Create simple workflows with workflow wizard

Create the most basic workflows with ease using workflow wizard.

Set ad hoc tasks for users to complete and ensure nothing is missed with milestones to report on each part of the process from beginnning to end.

System Tasks

Automate tasks without human interaction based on data driven events. For example, automatically carry out actions when key events occur, such as time of day, birthdays, anniversarys to ensure nothing is forgotten.

System tasks can be built using data insights and trigger events when key data changes occur, simply plan your ideal journey and use system tasks to execute without human interaction. 


Add milestones to any part of the process and measure each time the milestone has been achieved. Use the data to automate decision making based on milestones to create exceptionally intelligent processes and management information.

Improve Customer Service 

Automatically ask customers to give feedback for certain parts of the customer journey to allow any customer disatisfaction to be understood. Improve trust scores by automating feedback requests from customers based on any business rules. 

Oversee all cases and processes from one view to understand any bottlenecks that may exist before complaints occur.

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